Martin Cahill The General, the original godfather of Irish crime. Like everything in that time period in Ireland the IRA was still a major power and involved in everything. And nearly all Irish criminals and gangs have evolved from The General’s original gang.

Master Criminal – Him and his gang were expert armed robbers, they once robbed a jewelers in Dublin, with gold and diamonds worth 2 million, this was a Fort Knox type place with massive security, the IRA had tried but failed to rob it, it was so secure. That was followed up by him and his gang stealing some of the most valuable paintings in Ireland at the time, the gang scoped out the paintings and alarms on a visit to the place they housed. They returned later, set off the alarms, waited for the police to arrive, the police assumed it was a faulty alarm and left, the gang were hiding watching while they left, they made their way in and stole everything.

They also were able to break into one of the main police stations in Dublin and rob guns from the stores, Ireland at the time was fairly innocent of organized crime, so security wasn’t at a high standard, plus the police were busy dealing with the IRA at the time.

While the burglaries and armed robberies were going on, Martin Cahill would go to the police station and ask for a certain officer knowing he wouldn’t be there, so he would sleep in the front lobby of the station, providing the perfect alibi.

After the gold and diamond robbery, the gold was melted and set to the UK in the process some of it went missing, of course, the courier was blamed, he was taken and interrogated, during the interrogation they didn’t get the answer they wanted, so he was crucified by being nailed to a snooker table for hours, after a few hours it was decided he didn’t do it as no one could take that punishment if they were guilty.

Eventually, as forensics was being introduced in Ireland, the gang decided he had to go before he could catch the gang, they planted a bomb under the car of the chief forensic officer, the bomb only partially exploded but didn’t kill him.

Throughout the years he was a thorn in the side of the police, they knew he was the master criminal and using them as his alibi, so they put 24-hour surveillance on him. And then they start feuding with each other, he went out at night and dug up all of the greens on the police golf course, they, in turn, killed all of his pigeons. There were many stories of him and the police.

The IRA had found out he robbed both the artworks and jewelers and tried to extort him, he had none of it and refused to be extorted, then just to piss them off more he tried to work with the Loyalists, this was his big mistake he was killed soon after.

The morning he was killed, the 24-hour surveillance was called off in the early hours of the morning while he was sleeping, as he left his house the IRA hit team were waiting outside his house. The Irish police always maintained that they weren’t involved and it was just a coincidence he was killed the same day the surveillance was lifted

All in all a great story and at times very funny, I have only really touched on the main parts of the story, some of the side stories are just as good. Highly recommended if you want to read about the Irish Mob that arent based in the US

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