It was a good book and didnt really waste anytime getting straight to it, from the intro right through to the end. Its well worth a read.

I did have a few issues with it though, it made Casso out to be a Robin Hood type character at times, which maybe he was to people who knew him, another issue made it out that he was hard done by everyone when he decided to flip and didnt get the deal he wanted, or was promised. And the final issue I had was that some of what was in the book conflicted with another book, The Brotherhoods.

In saying that, it did cross reference a lot of what was written in The Brotherhoods book also. The Brotherhoods was about the Mafia cops but Casso featured heavily in that book.

I did like Gaspipe there were a lot of stories in it that I hadnt heard before and the inside workings of Casso’s Mafia career and a lot of dealings with other mobsters like Gravano, sit-downs with the Chin and Gotti. It also laid bare the deal the Government did with Gravano and the cover up around the drug dealing and murders they didnt want to hear about.

Also I did like the story of Jimmy Hydell, in the Brotherhoods the story stopped when the cops handed him over to Casso, this book picked up exactly after the handover and what happened next.

Anyway its worth a read, and I would suggest reading The Brotherhoods after it, the two of them give the full story of Casso and what happened. I do like reading Philip Carlo’s books but also have to take into account that Carlo’s books have some degree of controversy attached to them due to being the author of the Richard Kuklinksi Iceman book

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